Ballooned Bosom B matching skin color?

So I have been grinding this game for the past 2 weeks and I have managed to save up about 30mil to buy the Ballooned Bosom accessory. I would like to know if it matches your character's skin tone? Also, if buying the white version, does it also change depending on your character's outfit color?

Both match skin color. Both add a slight greyish/blue color to said color however.

The bra part is only in white and black, it doesn't change with outfit color.

@coldreactive Thank you very much for the help 😊

I've seen it mentioned that the tan lines body paint can help with skin tone matching.

@Kodiakmax-101 said in Ballooned Bosom B matching skin color?:

I've seen it mentioned that the tan lines body paint can help with skin tone matching.

Doesn't that make the skin in the swimsuit area lighter rather than the other way around?

Don't really know, it was mentioned in the It is Time... thread. Milk was complaining about the poor match and was told about this, I thought I'd pass it on.


Right, the color match isn’t good at all. You can still work with the accessory to an extent, makeup can get your skin tone closer to the Bosom’s tone and you can use body stockings if you’re pale for a more uniform look but without it, you’re looking at a mannequin chest stuck on flesh.

Thank you all for the help. I feel I'll skip on buying this unless they mabye fix the skin matching problems in the future.

I think that this item is more intended as a joke item and the poor skin match is to make it more obvious.

@Kodiakmax-101 It's definitely a novelty joke item.

After a couple of hour of testing i found that the best skin choice for achieve a "match" is a near human tone with the cast skins. Off course is not perfect and the tan lines are almost mandatory (i always worked in light skin tones... for dark maybe the tanlines are not the best option). Right now is kinda late but i try to upload a couple of pics of the result later. The results was satisfactory, specially because it works fine in the lobby area where is one of the worst places i found so far.


Oooh I’d be curious to see that too! I use CAST skin but more paper-white.

You gotta put a cast skin color as someone said, something with less definition. Also push the boobs black/purple outlining into the chest via position or angle it upward to hide it and wear something to cover the protruding bottom half that’s gonna jut out. Also add body paints like genshou to alleviate the discoloration. Then adjust the Width so that the outlining doesn’t protrude either.

90705637-2E58-4AA6-9D0F-28D6D643DE62.jpeg FEFFFE4D-DC4C-49D8-93EC-F41C028E5DEC.jpeg

Also wanna add that the second photo is deuman skin complexion not cast. Deuman actually technically has the least amount of structure added to the skin and facial area. To a lot of people it can make for an unflattering face because it makes the nose look less defined and more wide. But on the flip side the lack of definition on the body makes the ballooned accessory blend very well without the need for body paints.

Right I forgot to post this. It’s possible to get an ok match in most lighting but it’s definitely not ideal. Bodystockings and suntans help. If you have a pale character then White Traditional Makeup is your best match for your face but it gives you small Geisha painted lips so you need to cover it in lipgloss, I highly recommend Lipgloss B as it changes the shape of your lips. If you use a bodystocking you need to cover the elbows and knees but it’s so far the best match.

So this is my Newman alt, she has a harder time than my CAST to fit the bosom’s skintone(and her coat forced me to push the bosom up to avoid clipping, ignore that)

alt text