Question about weapon camo.

The thing i miss front using an human Ranger is the not having the ability of selfhealing other than mono/bi/trimates so i decided to erase my human Ranger,and create a Newman force class,because between things that newmans have the best tec stats and the force class can use technikes and still is a ranged class. So now i am questioning about a weapon rod camo of the shop,It cost 18000 points of something but i have no idea of how to get those unknown points. Anyone can explain how to obtain a Rod Camo of the shop for 18000 unknown points of something? It says ac points or something like this.

It's challenge miles. You get it from challenge mode.

@Shirokami07 Challenge means PVP?

@Ximinett - You can get Bio Cellular (purple/black) and Live Cellular (Blue/white) and A Leaf on the Autumn Breeze (Orange/fall colors with leaf animations when you attatck) for like 10/20 Photon Boosters from the photon booster shop. These are all weapon except harmonizer camos so if the design appeals to you then go grab you one without having to bother with mile points.

If you have some meseta laying about you can find a weapon stealthing camo in the player shops for 1-2 mil.

You can also find weapon specific camo's in the player shops.

Challenge mode is a coop multi player Ship change, it is next to Battle Arena in the block change trasport menu.