Augmenting ahead of time or upgrade?

I'm planing on going for the Trailblazer set of weapons for a Ranger, I already have the Detonation Fuge, Detonation Slaughter, and Allure Cryos at +35 each, would it be more beneficial to upgrade them to the final stage or farm for the Augment Factors?

The augment factors I plan to hunt down are:

  • Astral Soul (I already have 3 Ray series weapons at +35)
  • Precision VI
  • Mastery IV
  • Spirit VI
  • S-Grade 1, 2, or 3 (I haven't decided on a useful one yet, any suggestions would help)

Testing things out with an augment simulator I can affix all 5 of these in a single pass and only requiring one +40% Augmentation Aid for each weapon, while having four junk augments on all of the items (Both for target and fodder).

I made a list of what weapons have most of the augments I'm looking into and where to find them by researching PSO2 databases.

I also open to ideas on changing the shopping list if there are better combinations or easier to obtain materials.

I would say wait and affix the Profound weapon you are going to use; since you can only pick one of the material items to use as a base when upgrading, it makes more sense to go with the one that has all 3 S-grade slots.

You can also wait until you actually get the Trailblazer since its SAF is pretty good if you can get high enough PWR augments (+1% damage for every 60 PWR augmented, maxing at +5% at 200 PWR).

The fun thing three of the planed augments will have the ranged power reach 100 (Precision VI RNG Pwr +45, Mastery IV All +20, and Astral Soul All +35/HP +35/PP +5), the Spirit one will allow my Steady Shot and Photonic Laser last longer.

Getting more than 5 augments will be very risky since trying to keep the once listed may fail even if I have enough slots for extras.

Plus the Trailblazer weapons can use S-Grades 1, 2, and 3, I may have to add them before the factors to see if the whole build would work.

I'm just saying that 200 atk is impossible with just 4 affixes on global, the most you can get is 175 if you go for graceful stat + stat VI, apprentice soul, and apprentice/persona reverie.

I'm personally not a fan of Mastery affixes, If you want to go full-offensive I would recommend replacing it with graceful precision, or elegant precision if that's out of your budget.

Also, why use the 40% chance up? All SAFs have 100% transfer rate unless upslotting.

Part if the build is an upslot with the factors, and I did some more research and found a way to get S-Grades 1, 2, and 3 along with the four augment factors, and I have the Augmentaion Aids for this already (I think I got them from one of the scratch cards or quest/title reward).

The new plan is:

  • Astral Soul (Unless I track down a better factor, since I have this one already)
  • Precision VI
  • Mastery IV (Again unless track down a better factor)
  • Spirit VI
  • S1 Augment Will
  • S2 Aggressive Will
  • S3 Timeflow Grace

It will take me 6 steps or less depending on what one of the weapons has to start with, not including setting up the fodder weapons.

This will still take a while to hunt down the factors, but since I still need to get all the items needed for the Trailblazer series, it should work out in the end.

Modulator gives 30 All-PWR and is the SAF for the Omega Falz Weapons.

If you do mind the PP, there's also a choice like S2: Photon Descent (PP consumption reduced by 10%). Also, augment adding items usually have good results. Even the cheaper Noble Precision (item name Affix Augment (Ranged & PP)) has Ranged +30 & PP +3. Elegant or Grace versions have more. Lastly, don't forget the hardest part of using S-grade augment factor is to upslot the factor weapon (seems to be 7-slot in your plan).

I still think that you should go with graceful or elegant precision instead of Mastery IV.

@Fiona-Respha He says that he plans to do it as an upslot, so I assume he's gonna wait until boost week and use 45% aid. This would let him affix 7s upslot at 100%. I'm personally not sure if using 45% aid on 7s is a good idea, but well...

How can you get your hands on 45% on global anyway?

@Kamil118 If upslotting the materials is part of their plan, then that's just fine 😃

45%? I want to know too! One I could found was from the title to get all Ep. 5 story quest titles (i.e. S-rank all major story fights of Ep. 5). Also, it seems that in JP, clearing level 50, 700, 900 of Survey: Remnants of a Parallel World for the first time seems to give 45%, but I can't delve that deep...

If I can't get the 45% aid, at least the 40% will work since that will still be a 95% chance of completing the upslot, I have been testing things with the augment simulator for this part.


You don't want to do this on something like this. It isn't 95% success rate, it's 5% fail rate 4 times in a row and if any of these ends up in a failure you lose like 40m meseta in materials. And with 4 rolls of 5% you end up at 19% faliure rate, after which you need to get more fooders, another capsule and upslot everything to 6s again, and reaffix augment guidance onto your main weapon.

Thanks for the warning, I can do more tests, and set up a backup plan to make sure the end result is 100%, but at least what I plan to use for the S1 will be useful, weather I have 6 or 7 augments at the end since its a 0.5% power boost per augment.

Besides, like I said earlier, I still have a ways to go on collecting materials, and one of them is currently not available yet (the Void Erebite Fragment)

I managed to get a hold of a Starquake weapon from a Persona UQ and successfully added S-Grade slots 1, 2, and 3, plus four normal augment slots before upgrading it into a Trailblazer and converting it into the weapon type I use.

Now a big question, is it possible to use augment factors on fodder that had all augment slots removed, or do I have to fight to upslot them to 7 to be able to extract the factors from these weapons?

If you are going to add Precision VI, Mastery IV or Spirit V! from S-grade augment factors, then those factor fodders need to be 7-slot (or 8-slot) too. And usually, they don't have the help of S-grade slots, the upslot process will be much harder.

EDIT: correction. These augment fartors are regular ones, not S-grade. Dumb me.

I was afraid of that, upslotting to 7 is a real pain, looks like I need to save up Augmentation Aids from the Login Stamps or get lucky with scratches.

I will have to work out a temporary list of augments on my weapon until then to replace the junk ones added during the upslot process, and maybe even find Affix Augment items to use in-place of fodder.

At least I have the three S-Grades in place and I can easily swap them around as I find better ones with out ruining anything.