"Disconnected due to system error. Please wait a while. (No. 608)" I haven't gotten in once yet since CBT.

This message happens during EVERY login attempt, without fail. I have largely been ignored by support. At the end of the CBT, I was told that the issue was being worked on. It hasn’t been fixed for the OBT and support is ignoring me once more.

I just don’t understand what the issue is. Anyone else happen to have this issue? Get it figured out? I would love to play the game even one time.

What XBOX One Model do you have? Are you able to at least log-in? If so, how far can you get? Have you tried making an extra Microsoft Account and seeing if that works? If another Microsoft account works, there is something wrong with the Microsoft Account. I heard that if you had an old XBOX account, you might have to connect it to a Microsoft account, also, since there are separate account types.

@Ragnawind Thanks. I was having the same problem but it worked once i removed and re added my account to my xbox.

@GM-Deynger Yes it did. Decided it was worth a try when I saw that it was only my account having the issue.