Windows 10 Update - PSO2 Disappears and can't launch game.


Just updated Windows 10 to the latest.

After the update seems I can't find PSO2 installed and I can't access the WindowsApps folder which is odd because I used to be able to before the update.

Anyone having problems finding / launching PSO2 after the new Windows 10 update?

Why don't you just switch to Steam? That will basically fix any issues.

Windows has been plagued with issues from the start. Usually when this happens, the easiest thing to do (short of downloading and installing on Steam - which is a whole process itself) is to reinstall the game.

If you decide to go with Steam, make sure you have access to the Windows version in order to get a registration key - if you have an xbone you can do it there. Without the registration key you will have to start over on Steam once a new account is registered to your Steam account, so don't go into it without making sure you have everything you need.

Windows version sucks, switch to Steam. My Windows version wouldn't even install. Well... You have to reinstall on MS store first, grab the link code, then go to Steam and put link code in so a 2x in stall, but then no matter how many times windows updates you won't need to worry bout that breakin again.

Before you go switching to steam willy-nilly. Make sure you have the steam version's installed and updated (but not started to title screen.) when you have that, go into the windows version and ask it to issue a transfer code thing. Then immediately boot up the steam version and put it in when it asks you. (If you say no you will PERMANENTLY BE UNABLE TO LINK YOUR MS STORE VERSION. Which is why there are three boxes, one for yes, no and go back.)

In order to fix the MS Store version, you'll need a program capable of navigating to the ms store backups folder, like 7-zip in admin mode. Then you need to re-download all of the MS Store version all over.

As people have said, despite the MS->Steam transition process being extremely goofy and easy to mess up, you're probably better off hopping over to steam.

If you don't have space to hold two installs at once (and don't have an xbox to run the ms store version on either), you can set up pso2tweaker to do a dual-install (off of the same install files), so that you can run the MS Store version, get the code, and then exit + swap to Steam version without having to redownload anything, to put in the code.