I am to the point that the abandon quest option is a serious issue that needs some rework from the party menu. People tend to use this more often than using "Leave Party" when you have a party full real players and it's disrupting game play a lot. There has got to be some way where this can prevent people from accidently or purposely using this option, such as a window pops up for other players agreeing to abandon the quest for instance.

Players get robbed from possible loot they could have had when the party leader abandons the quest, especially if you're doing quests like woods farming right now for example. I know some probably have this issue with party leaders doing this more often, and I don't want to see people posting things like "don't join parties then." I like playing in parties for the extra boost.

I want the dev team to see this and put a preventative in place that will not cause a disruption any more than it already is.