Kagaseo Phantasmalite and Upgrading Your Weapon

So, perhaps this is common knowledge, perhaps it isn't. If you are newer to PSo2 like me then this will be helpful

I have been stuck in a pattern of using 13* collection sheets to get fodder to get my weapons to +35 since I am preparing to make 15* weapons.

Today I found an easier way.

With the current log in bonus and just doing your dailies you should of gotten a good bit of Kagaseo Phantasmalite from Tokyo bonus keys. A quick google search shows this isn't useful for much. However you can exchange it at a 1:1 rate for photon boosters.

Exchange these and get a bunch of Photon Boosters then head down the counter to the Photon Exchanger.

Go to the photon booster exchange shop. Among the first items is a Exp Weapon Mini. You can get these for 10 Photon Boosters. So 100 Photon Boosters = 10 Exp weapons.

The exp weapons give +400 weapon exp and cost much less overall to upgrade your weapons with.

For comparison

  • Weapon exp from the weapon exp mini is +400 - Weapon exp for a 14* Occuld was only 200
  • Sacrificing a 13* or 14* star weapon for exp costs 100,000 meseta - Using the exp weapon mini only costs 2,000 meseta.

You are getting more exp for less money and this will go a long way toward upgrading your weapons. Especially if you got your eyes on a trailblazer and have to upgrade 5 other weapons to +35.

Don't skimp on the 13* collection folders though. These will give you the biggest boost for dismantling and right now we all need all the sapphard and goldgrimo's we can get.

I didn't know this personally. I also didn't see a guide anywhere. This may have been a thing all along. However for those that didn't know I hope this helps ❤

The EXP Weapon Mini is a new addition for global players via last week's update. I heavily agree with you that it is definitely a significantly cheaper and easier way to upgrade weapons especially for those who have been playing Advance Quests already.

If the exchanges do show up (for things like pet candy) the Kagaseo Phantasmalite would have more of a use but they were used in the Japanese version to exchange for weapon series that do not exist in global. Many of these weapons are Old-Type weapons and because the Global version has had New-Type weapons almost exclusively (outside of outliers like Sprue Col-C) our weapon progression is significantly less cluttered and cleaner to sift through as Episode 5 specifically introduced New-Type weapons that work the way we know them. Old-Type weapons were upgraded like units were (via pure chance) up to +10 and even if you upgrade them that way on global there is no way to unlock their potentials due to the menu options not existing.

I would not spend all of your Photon Boosters just yet (not that the EXP Weapon Mini is that costly, admittedly) as they will come in handy for the future if the global version gets to exchange 90 Photon Boostesr for one Ultimate Booster. We will be needing quite a bit of Ultimate Boosters to create the new Episode 6 high-end weapons.

This is true. Future content may have more use for my Phantasmalite and my boosters. The Phantasmalite/Astracite is easily replenished via Rappy Fever Bonus Key and Tokyo Bonus Key (Silver and Gold) which I get a lot of not only from log ins but doing my dailies. Not too too concerned but thanks for the word of caution. @VanillaLucia

I am also glad this is a fairly new thing. So my guide will be more useful than I thought. (I literally thought I was just slow but I saw a EXP weapon in the swap shop that one gives +800 but at the cost of 8ac scratch that was just a no go) Then I saw the mini one when I was looking at weapon camo's and decided to do some testing) I am glad I followed this particular one though.