[Ship 1] Pioneer 2 is recruiting (newbie friendly, casual but active)

Howdy! I'm looking for a few active recruits to bring into the fold. We're a mix of PSO/PSU vets and a handful of true newbies, both casual and hardcore - basically play at your own pace. We've been around since beta, and thus we have had a lot of members move on over the months since launch. We'd like to get trigger groups and challenge parties going again, so if that's something you're interested in come check us out. Our tree is two levels away from max (meseta and rdr - rdr is next on the list) and we have a dedicated Discord server. We're open to both PC and Xbox players.

Our only requirement is that you must have updated your PN number to an actual user name to become a full member (users with PN numbers may be accepted as provisional until the change is made)

You can message me here (but I might not see it for a while), or you can reach out to me in game (ArksID: Omnomidon) or on Discord (Omnomidon#4466) and come check out our alliance quarters!

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