Confused with bouncer

Hi, I've just started playing a few days ago and currently lvl 76 bo/fi. I am really enjoying JB that's why I've read and watched some guides about bouncer. And they said that Bo/Hu for survivability and if planning to use both JB and Soaring Blade. Bo/Fi for damage and JB only. I went with Bo/Fi since I only want to use JB. After reading a lot of post I was able to understand how Switch strike and bouncer mag works.

My problem now is that, am I losing a lot of dmg if I will use switch strike and use only JB? I still don't understand why it is not recommended to use Mel Pwr if I will only use JB. Coz with switch strike my kicks will scale based on my Mel Pwr. I'm sorry if this kind of question is redundant. I would really appreciate any inputs. Thank you very much and sorry for the disturbance.

You don't need Switch Strike if you plan to do only Jet Boots:

Use a TEC-Pwr Mag. If you're going Phantom Sub in Episode 6 (Which is likely if you're using Fighter now) you should use a DEX Mag instead.

The only real reason why you want to scale off of MEL power for Switch Strike is if you have a MEL Mag or units that are affixed with MEL power as a priority (especially for the Soaring Blades). If you follow the current trend of affixing for units (which is typically all three damage types or for your main weapon) you can completely skip having Switch Strike in the first place.

If you have a DEX Mag it simply switches your Jet Boots from using TEC to MEL which should not make a very big difference unless your weapons and units are more MEL power than TEC power but even then that wouldn't be too big of a difference unless you're talking about something along the lines of 200+ more raw points in the stats.

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