Males lacks cool Fashion outfits

It has came to my attention that Males in general, seems to have less fashion options available to them, not just in outfits (Like top piece or base-wear), but also when it comes to other general stuff that is mostly available to females only.

Now, I've started playing the Hero class, and I want to make my character's Attire to look similar to Dante from Devil May Cry 5, however, I am unable to do that because some of the Good clothes pieces are availabe only to female characters and male characters for some reason dont have anything that looks similar to what Dante wears.

I've noticed this general pattern with PSO2 to favor Female characters in general. While most fashion is available to both genders, there are quite amount of fashion pieces that are available exclusivly to females only, and I mean there are alot of female only fashion sets. Males for some reason do not have anything exclusive for them, that is ofcourse execluding the default outfits and layering wears.

You can browse all current male outfits and basewears on this site : I agree this game is mostly female-focused but thats their main revenue and priority, males get some cool edgy outfits though and its even worse for the lack of CAST parts in the entire game.