Bulky Tights Set B


are these actually in the fun scratch tickets?? i haven't found any so far nor have i seen any in the shop.

since no one has commented to say if they actually do come in the fun scratch tickets or not i thought i would pop back in here and say i finally found someone wearing them.

you can NOT find them by searching the market for them, they do NOT show up in the search when you use their name. itt takes a LOT of work just to find them in the shops, you have to randomly find them.

can we please get the search function fixed in the shops?? there are a number of items that you can NOT search for using their names either because they are actually spelled wrong OR some other unknown reason. i still have no clue why you cant search for the bulky tights.

it would be nice if we did a search for a key word like Shadow or Snow it would pull up every item that had that keyword. the search function really needs a LOT of work.

The search works as intended, even if the intention sucks, so you won't get a fix for it most likely. It works off of a cache list, where you need to view the item first to be able to search for it (whether through the scratch prize list, checking someone else with them, or shops), and it will periodically wipe old items from your cache (things become un-partial-searchable for me a month-2months after seeing them I think).

The issue with Bulky Tights is specifically because the item in the scratch isn't actually the bulky tights, it's the bulky tights "set" (bulky tights set B), which contains multiple items(Bulky Tights: Red, Bulky Tights: Purple). The set itself isn't sellable on the market, only the items inside, so what goes on the market is different than the item you can see in the prize list, so the partial search won't populate. You can search for the individual items by name (so you have to check the set's description to see what they're called) without using the partial search, but you won't be able to get them to show up in the partial search until you see them. You only need to match the letters though, not the symbols/spaces, so "bulkytightsred" is enough for the game to find the Bulky Tights: Red item even without using a partial search.

You'll see the same thing happen if you try to find other items that are from sets (like eyelashes and stickers), unless you've seen them before.