How's everyones experience with Turkey day UQ been?

For me while the format of the quest itself is fairly dull. The drops and associated food boosters have been great. I've had four 14 star weapons drop as well as a rappy suit mini. The weapons help me grind secondary classes and I enjoy my mini suits. I'm not 100% sure if the dark raspy suit drops from this event but I'm hoping. Its tge best suit and I'm poor.

Yes the suit does drop but very rare.

The other day I got two weapons and a non mini thanksgiving rappy suit. All of this from a single run. I felt lucky on that one. That or the game already sensed I can't play for long periods of time and wanted to give me a pity cookie...

The suits and weapons aren't even tied to the Urgent Quest itself -- they're tied to the Turkey Rappies. You can get them in Enchanted Forest as well as Advanced Quest.

Ultimately it just feels like a badge+cube farm, and while the badges are nice, it doesn't feel like a seasonal to me. If that makes sense. I already made a whole thread about that though, because it's mostly due to the rewards not feeling very special out of them.

I have gotten... four rappy suits... all Turkey Rappy though. Pls send help I can't even trade these for money! That said I did get a few 14 star drops which were nice and I'm using all these Thanksgiving Medals to get Rising 4's so not too bad. Plus the exp is good. The drops are great for dismantling, and repeatable easy urgents like that help me fill out my val Collection Folder. 13 star fodder plus all the dupes of the ones I'm trying to upgrade. Win/Win for me. I get a lot of benefit from it.

nope, I barely leveled By +2 ( So from 79 to 81) and only had 1 turkey rappy suit. and since the thanksgiving rappies have been MIA since. When it first started it was more or less "Decent", Now- Im so sick of regular Nox weapon drops that hardly any Deo weapons drop at all. I also found that running AQ , seems a little better as far as EX and meseta goes. I was so excited for this event that I "dave in" hardcore. now.. I barely see any justification for the Bewitched woods or even the UQ's for that matter. More than likely most of you will say that you were luckier than I was. Not sure.. It's starting to feel like - I'm being hated on. Then your going to say.. Keep trying.. Why? why should I? I literally spent the whole weekend sat and sun for as much as 6 Hours straight at a time and NADA. Can you blame me? This is very discouraging

@DDDDLife I'm going to say,"Stick wiith it!" as a guy who played for 5 months before seeing my first 13* drop. RNG will RNG. Some days I walk away feelig bitter about bad drops, the I get that Rainbow box and it feel like I've accomplished my goal for the day.

So like when SEGA makes this flashy announcement about a supposedley 300% drop rate and 100% exp, which IMO, translates to more like this: If you run solo and not in a party 300 % is actually 30%. and the 100% is only 10 %. Now , I theorise that after you party up with a group, IF that run allows only a group of 4, then I would apply an extra 15% IF you are in a party of 4, If it's a group of 12 then it would be something like 25%. It only makes sense and to put things in perspective.. when you seek out a rare drop , a 13 Star waepon or even those dam rappy suits those are gonna drop at about + or - .0005% of the time. at least , that's what it seems like... Not like that they are actual figures. OH.. and boosters.. yeah.. mediocre at best. At this point the only solid thing to do is farm rising wepaon badges and pohoton drops. I can only say that all of this is going to get worse when we have to face Shiva.

@Tasty-Human-bits I'm a fan of the event for what it symbolizes to me, that the devs took time to create new content for the global release that they didn't have to, so it's all gravy from my perspective (pun intended 😜). I liked the Independence Day event for the same reason, but this time we got a new UQ to go with it! I guess some people could be mad because it takes up a slot where another UQ could run, but it's nice having a repeatable in the rotation for collection folders, especially for folks with limited time to play. I also think it serves as a nice catch-up mechanic for new players with all the badges and Occuld weapon drops. However, I think the drops could definitely be improved as @Theuberclips outlined in his other thread, and I have faith that the next one they make for us will be better on those dimensions.

@DDDDLife I'm not sure if, like me, you came from the world of single-player games, but it took me a little while to adjust my expectations to PSO2's drop rates. Farming for a specific rare drop feels almost impossible, which can be frustrating coming from something like Dark Souls where a couple boost items and an hour of grinding will pretty much guarantee that great shield drop. However, PSO2's player market enables you to sell whatever you actually do get to drop while saving up for that item you really want. This was the big game changer for me as I've never felt the need to burn myself out grinding specific quests; I cycle through activities I enjoy and just liquidate my drops. E.g., I didn't feel the need to grind ultimates in Ep 3 because I was "grinding" the player shop selling all my 10 and 11*s from UQs, ADs, and EQs until I could afford a Nemesis Cougar. I know that not everything can be sold so this isn't a perfect solution, but embracing the market really helped my sanity.

No good loot but I’ve leveled some alts with it and I really think Drago Deadlion is adorable so I never miss it!


Theres reasons why people bark on about making sure you join beacon/fill parties for UQs and such - one of them being Im pretty sure party drop rate is multiplicative to all your other boosts (it definitely improves your loot alot and I think I read about that awhile ago). So yep you really wanna party up for main contents.

@Doom-Smack said in How's everyones experience with Turkey day UQ been?:


Theres reasons why people bark on about making sure you join beacon/fill parties for UQs and such - one of them being Im pretty sure party drop rate is multiplicative to all your other boosts (it definitely improves your loot alot and I think I read about that awhile ago). So yep you really wanna party up for main contents.

By contrast, All the events that were done for Halloween were in a word "FUN" , The client orders were manageable and was very glad and looked forward to repeat them as many times as i was allowed to. The UQ that was paired with it was streamline and very fun to run , This is the type of event (s) I often look forward to.

Fast forward, We have this "Thanksgiving Event", Thoughtful yet... This feels more .. "restrictive"? In a way. The UQ (s) could of been better, the amduskia collective seems more like some struggle trying to get around a map with dash panels that were just thrown into it. That's not so bad, If the drop rate was anything similar to he prior event, then the fun factor may have increased, albiet now it feels more like some struggle if anything.

Luther Omega seems like ... some waste of time, The drop rates are even worse than that of the orgiinal.

So then, now it's a dilema : " Hey, wanna party up to run the UQ? " No thanks, I"ll pass. " > <


The terrain can be a pain (and probably the worst aspect of it), I try to avoid the middle cliff section and go around bottom right, top right, top left. Can for example jump from top left to middle for the other side of cliffs so to speak. And back. Doesnt help much and I dont know what most efficient method is and I still traverse cliffs (depends) just try to avoid it if possible lol.

(NB: Further thought I guess you could circle the map this way, ie: counter clockwise, to only be going down the cliff area in the middle rather than up... but often its not that smoothly spawned). Done this way the boost hoops make more sense rather than planting you into walls.

Its ok though I find it alright (fun wise), not the best but ok. Beach was probably my favorite so far. Halloween was good (though felt real repetitive after awhile, but I play too much).

What it really needs is a song from another game like all the other event UQ.

I'm not a super big fan of it, honestly. I ran it a few times today, and just kind of shrugged it off. I'm sure the drops would be nice for my Alt but... honestly at this point I've got enough resources that I can just get her an Atlas weapon instead when I'm done leveling her on her main job.

If the XP was a bit higher I might feel more incentivized to run it but, eh. Halloween was way better.