How to change the outfit color?

I am trying to use the swap shop ítems for get an outfit color change token,but no way,i can not change ítems and i have a lot. Any help should be wonderful.


Are you trying to change an actual outfit’s color? Color Change Pass doesn’t affect most outfits. You can color the outfits from Mission Pass along with coloring outerwear and CAST body.

What’s the name of the item you’re trying to color?

You can't change the color of a fashion item or outfit unless it has this:

alt text

Yeah, especially when it comes to Outfits (and not layerwear Outerwears), a ton of them you get aren't gonna be dyeable, and instead just have their color variations split up into individual items. Hopefully you didn't spend too much on the outfit you bought, but if it was from FF you might see a different color combo later on.