ATTN: Anyone who's had NP1013 errors since the Nov 10 update!

Please reply here with your:

-Average weekly play-time prior to Nov 10

-Antivirus software(s)

-Wether or not you set exceptions to the PSO2_bin folder

-Have you tried running the game using a VPN?

-If you would, set a stopwatch or a timer and see if the time that the error pops up is consistent. Start it as soon as you click "Play" on the launcher.

I have a crazy theory, so I just want to see if there's any commonality between all of us.

12 minutes and a few seconds every single time. I'm willing to bet most of you have about the same time.


o (Play Time Prior to November 10 )I would guess around 35 hours weekly.

o (Anti Virus) Windows Defender

o (Exemptions) I have set exceptions; I’ve also tried controlled access.

o (VPN) Yeah, I tried running with a VPN

o (Error Time) Averages at 13 – 14 minutes.

My crashes are seem mostly isolated to loading into new things, quests or blocks.