The weekly alliance point cap desperately needs to be raised

As it stand right now, every member of an alliance can earn up to 4150 AP per week, and in JP it's around 50,000 so around 10 times higher. The current limit we have kills the potential for new alliances almost entirely, as we draw closer to episode 6 content where the tree buff (20% attack to name one!) becomes more and more important, and is almost impossible for smaller/friends alliances. If you've made an alliance with friends, or prefer it small:

Just to raise the attack part of the tree to maximum a total of 295,000 points are required. This means one person trying to upgrade the alliance tree would need to spend 65 and a half weeks (~460 days) to upgrade one of several buffs. Or almost 10 years to max the tree entirely.

As a new player why would you join a smaller alliance when you'll have weak buffs, and miss out on triboosts, silver keys, and more every week from the AP shop and won't ever be able to catch up in a realistic time frame, when you could join an already established alliance from the start. This is frustrating all around, as with a higher point cap a group of 5-10 people will only need to spend a month or two (in theory) to start benefitting from an alliance instead of the current insane amount of time it'd take.

Punishing new players and returning players for making alliances is really unhealthy for the long term health of the game as well.

I agree with this, struggling to max out my tree too. The AP restrictions are making it so if someone can’t log on that week then we can’t grow the tree.

@Milk it also doesn't take into account the AP needed to water the tree so you can even use it as well. If your members are using the tree at the same time it can take a 10 man alliance several months to max out the tree, all while receiving none of the triboosts or silver keys.

Wow. I didn't realize it was so low. Even my alliance which is very active and I log in and do things daily so I know I'm always contributing only has like a level 8 tree buff. Which is still light years better than my last alliance that was way smaller but I didn't know the system was so starved for points.

@Vexation It's basically telling anyone who didn't make an alliance day 1, either join a well established alliance (if they have space) or take a hike.

Wow JP AP cap per player was 50k per week??

Only started like June this year - JP had basically 8 years of 4500 and for the longest time from Alliance CO's only. No passive points for just doing everyday things.

Ah ok. Maybe we'll get it over here soon then.