couple random suggestions for some stuff

just 3 things i would like see in game or at least added in game.

  • 1st: would like more facial make up pattern slots, reason i main a cast be nice if my cast could have cast face and other makeups then just one other, also maybe 1 extra body paint slot if possible. just would like a little more customization.

  • 2nd: costumes: first elly person from ep 2 of pso maybe put in ragol memories, 2nd lou and hal costumes from universe.

  • 3rd: more mags from pso classic like Pitri, Panzer Tail, Devil Wings, robochao, Diwari, elenor's mag, or Agastya mag as something to get with ragol memories just to get couple more classic mags.

@DemonBunny ragol memory should be Obtainable like stargems cause 20 dollars for 10 ragol isn't needed for players that want 1 or 4 ragols.

@Golden_Syrup The thing is, ragol memories are cosmetic items. Stuff to wear in characters, furnishings and music tracks for the room. There's nothing on that list that is tied to gameplay as far as I know. So ragol memories is more of an indirect way for Sega to sell a bunch of items, giving players a choice on what to get instead of shoving everything in a single pack and charging an exorbitant up front cash amount that most players would most likely shy away from.

As for ragol memories themselves, I would have liked changeable photon color versions of the old PSO initial weapons as weapon camos. Most, if not all, can be used by the current classes, with some already in game as actual weapons. I'd convert them to:

Saber: Probably wand skin by now, since it would look bad as any other weapon type. Not as katana, not as sword, and not as gunblade. Maybe a soaring blade skin.

Handgun and Mech gun: TMG

Sword, Partisan, Dagger, Rifle, Launcher, Wand and Rod: Their respective PSO2 counterparts.

I'd also add a Gurhal memories section with PSU and PSPortable related stuff, including the less important purchasable outfits that game had.