Introduction videos to each part of the storyline.

I've always wondered about this.

Does story progression determine which video you see when you start the game?

And could we choose what intro video we see when the game starts?

It should be based on the current episode releases.

@SuccubusAlice You'd think, but Episode 4 openings still appear, and I think I might have seen even the Magatsu one again one time.

@Riesz I think he means when the game boots up.

The other openings still appear sometimes on the lobby monitors.

@SuccubusAlice Yes that's what I was talking about, the game opening, not on the screens in-game.

I always have the Intro with the dragon from ep5. But if I do nothing at the start-screen and let it idle, it shows the older themes after a while.

So if a new player just started the game, during the game opening, which intro video would they see? Would everyone see the same screen or would that be chosen by story progession on that account.

@Sinventus-0 The current episode intro is the one that appears for everyone when opening the game, be it a new player or not, but waiting some time in the press start screen will show the older intros.