So, just wanted to ask that if there is beta for us who live in the EU area, and when the release is gonna be. Was super hyped for this game earlier, but now it's wearing off a bit because of the region locked Open Beta.

There is no region lock, you can download the game by changing your region to US or Canada. After that you can change back to your original region and play without trouble.

yes, as stated, there is no region lock. The only thing people outside the US and Canada can't do is buy anything, unless they can get US Gift Cards, apparently.

@Leonkh99 thanks. But is there any info if the full release is gonna be in the EU too ? If, and big IF, I want to buy something in-game, I don't want to start buying any other "money" or points than those I can get here in Finland. Finnish bank cards don't work so well in other countries so I have to make PayPal account or something else. Didn't need one in the past so won't make one for just one game.

Unfortunately details on an official EU release are not available. We dont even know if its happening or not.

There more than likely won't be an EU release due to the scratch ticket stuff

I want buy something in-game too , please release PSO2 in EU

Change region to USA and then add a US address like a university campus. Buy xbox currency with a digital delivery (amazon .com for example) and your good to go.

@Kedlin313 can confirm this works, Im in the uk and bought the founders pack using gift cards from cdkeys

Maybe you guys will see an EU release 8 years after NA release......

Jokes aside, my friend (he lives in denmark) just bought US xbox gift cards and made his founders pack purchase that way.

I was never here, but those who have replied seem to have figured things out... lurks away

@GM-Deynger said in PSO2 EU:

I was never here, but those who have replied seem to have figured things out... lurks away

It should never be this hard to give a company money for a game you love in 2020, Feels like it's 2002 all over again browsing websites in Korean and creating an account to get into that open beta before the game came to the West!

I totally understand your frustration and will forward your sentiments.