Items that I "Retrieve" from storage uncovers a missing item that had not been visible

When I retrieve an item, something I thought had gone missing appears at the bottom of the list in "character storage":

b7c2534e-ce0d-45e1-a841-f138792e94ce-image.png fc8b36a4-f3a8-4ec1-b33e-0dd0db2b0471-image.png 041ef7c8-48c9-43e2-958e-827ecec39f2a-image.png d44336d6-723c-45fd-98df-c0bffa383bb1-image.png d2311702-3fe2-433d-9482-bb7e05469aa1-image.png

Notice how new items at the bottom of the list appears after I retrieve.

Yes, they are on the second page of that storage tab; notice how at the bottom between "Back" and "Next" there is a "1/2" (ie. page 1 of 2).

@AndrlCh OMG thank you! I did realize the scrolling had a limit, it seemed limitless haha.