"All Storage" not listing certain items from sub storages such as "Default Storage"

Here is the change where normally items listed would go from boosters to consumable exp tickets, cuisine, and harvesting drinks in my "Default Storage":

54ca113c-786c-4704-b20e-695672ddc8c3-image.png d0e8fecf-7b74-4405-8749-530c665a74ba-image.png dd961e8a-3a29-4ab8-9a7b-6fd38b7a1720-image.png 04b937e9-5132-4013-8be7-d0291d5c7e24-image.png

But in "All Storage" none of that is listed and goes from boosted items to cosmetics in another storage:

edcb78af-6f89-4749-ba92-e60426bdc1b3-image.png 59fef799-d3a9-40c0-a06c-cd39d8fa8abd-image.png

I've scrolled through my entire "All Storage" and none of the cuisine or harvesting items show. Also this only seems to effect one of my characters.

The Storage view only shows a set amount of items at a time, and the rest are then relegated to the next page of the tab. Notice how once you go to All Storage, the "1/1" between "Back" and "Next" becomes "1/2". When you hit "Next" it will send you to the next page, and you will see the other items in that tab.

@AndrlCh Thanks for showing me this for my other issue, I didn't expect the list to page over!