Casino is abandoned content, revisit it

@ZeeHero9271 That comment was mostly aimed at Nexon and how they like to just remove old content for no reason.

Last time I played one of their games was a decade ago, the "anti cheat" malware alone kills any reason to install that crap.

I don't blame you and it does suck not being able to play content because there is no incentive for others to just do it without it being a group planning it.

@Weirdo This is why if NGS does not do things very differently it will be almost dead on arrival, and should be. If they continue to ignore the biggest problems with the game for their big new update, then they deserve it to fail, hard, and lose a lot of money.

Honestly the under development section has been there since the Since the casino was Released in EP3. When they introduced new games such as Liliroulette & Arkuma Slots, they simply removed a section of Rappy slots, while Black Nyack replaced unused space that just had tables.

Not that Global has seen such changes in the casino, since all the games were available from the start.

Why does every negative opinion you have = "NGS IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!!!!!"?

What do you want them to do for casino? Give advice to the devs. For a game that is near completion and are now working on an expansion. How come you only talk about casino?

What about.. Buster rewards PvP rewards photon shop Astracite exchange Prize medals to an extent

Those are all old content except prize medals.. and prize medals are running out the door. I'm pretty sure all games like pso2 do the exact same thing. The new thing is patched into the game? Something older gets left. Them's the breaks.

EDIT: With rappy slots and shooter I always make casino coins so idk why you say you cant make coins in the casino. Also maybe play during casino boost hours.

I want NGS to be a huge success, but in order for that to happen there has to be a change in a few of the current policies SEGA has in regard to the design and development of certain content. that is all.

@ZeeHero9271 said in Casino is abandoned content, revisit it:

I want NGS to be a huge success, but in order for that to happen there has to be a change in a few of the current policies SEGA has in regard to the design and development of certain content. that is all.

You made a suggestion thread but didnt give suggestions to what they can do to the casino.

I would honestly like to see one of those horse race mini games... with a new mascot as the horses. That would be sweet

As far as "old content" goes in the JP server there was a total of 34 Astracites for each individual AQ(had 2 each) & XQ(had 3 each) that were used for a total of 143 different weapons. After a very long time(years) of the content being outdated they converted the143 weapons into camos (Ex. Bio Celluar) that were in the Photon Booster Exchange Shop originally*, the Astracite were changed to Photon Boosters in all the AQs while Photon drops/crystals replaced the XQ Astracite. They did however add an exchange for us to convert the old stones into Photon booster/crystals.

To add to that the Shiva Ash & Durga Bane Astracite also had a shop (JP) & were replaced by photon boosters in their respective quests & had some of its weapons converted to new camos. *the newly added camos to the PB shop were not part of the 134 weapons mentioned above.

On another note, they (JP) did revisit Challenge Quest introducing a new one adding a series of 15★ as rewards via titles. Adding new games are a great idea, However I would ask them to look into changing up the list of Items as they haven't really changed it much since the casino first opened on 8/27/2014 nor has it changed for the almost year that global has been active. The only real Addition that was made was the SG being added & I'm perfectly content with the amount & price there.

On the topic of a horse mini game it does sounds interesting, but how about using the Kazuchi enemies as the mounts or use the ridden Omega creatures as seen in cutscenes. However if the Kazuchi is used they could use Tagami for the Silver race & Izane for the Golden Race (x2 payout) like the payout options for the Mesetan Shooter.

@Ashe-Kinsilla I'm not sure what would help I'd have to think about it.. Actually first thing to come to mind is update the rewards.

People dont play it becuase it does not have anything they actually still care about.

Some actually good looking outfits, not rappy suits, but cool clothes for both male and female would be a start.

most american players have no interest in goofy or chibi/cute animal outfits and want to look badass.

I do like seeing my character which suits don't allow me to.

@Weirdo Yeah, seeing my characters face and hairstyle is very important. also we need a lot more non oversexualized female outfits.

Nothing wrong with form fitting armor, that would actually be more practical since it would allow more free movement, but it should COVER the woman's body, yeah yeah I know force fields are a thing but not every lady is going to want everyone to be staring at her bellybutton or cleavage in combat- some will I'm sure, it could definitely be a distraction to take advantage of, but a lot wont.

@ZeeHero9271 said in Casino is abandoned content, revisit it:

it could definitely be a distraction to take advantage of, but a lot wont.

Yeah, those random animals, automata, oceanids, nightfallers and falspawn will surely be distracted by jiggly tits and bare skin. Hah! More likely you'll get your allies killed if they can't keep their mind out of the gutter.

@Yggranya Exactly.. lol. it's usefulness is very dubious and we really need more armor that covers up the body.

I like having an exposed head and face becuase its the biggest aspect of character personality in the face, eyes, and hairstyle, but the body should be covered in armor, form fitting is fine, but armor it should be.

@ZeeHero9271 Heh, the pain of playing a female character. It is a pain that is the norm in most games, especially games from the east. You might get lucky, but since most people like the skimpy clothing and it sells so well, it might take a while.