NP 1013 error after minutes of gameplay

After months of flawless gameplay, PSO2 is now throwing an NP1013 error after the recent content update.

I can play for about 10 minutes or long enough to clear a quest (whichever occurs first). But immediately after clearing, the game crashes.

I’ve done all the necessary troubleshooting, and even initialized my environment settings, none of which I’ve ever had to do before.

I’m not running any overlays, nor other performance altering applications. Simply put, it worked until last week’s update.

Having the same problems. It started with this past update. Had Avast on my PC for a while before hand, got the error, switched to Windows Defender, still got the error. Ive gone through 3-4 antivirus programs, using as a start point to see which has the least amount of problems, set the exceptions/exclusions, and still nothing. Tried a clean of the entire game and then just the GameGuard folder. I have turned off all overlays, even though it was fine for me to run both NVIDIA Ge Force and the Steam one prior to this update. At my wit's end of what to do to get around this.

Yay! I'm not alone! Been discussing it here since.. you guessed it. The recent update!

Make sure to contact support so they know it's not just me! It seems like were experiencing the exact same issue in the exact same way!

Bumping this thread up because i suddenly started having this exact problem.

Bumping this up because the last time I played I wasn't getting this error. I have gotten this error three times today and all after about ten minutes of playing. I don't have the game overlay on, nor is there anything else that could be interfering.