And once again , Duping is rampant

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I can see that to an extent but the market was crazy for these things, highs and lows within the same hour. It wasn’t like normal scratch hot items where it could take days for the market to spike. It just seems odd.

That can probably just be explained by speculators, tbh. It's an item people are gonna want basically forever (and it's an accessory so it'll be usable even with NGS bodies), so periodically a speculator will come in and buy a bunch, making the price swing higher to whatever their "no deal" point was, and then it'll start to go back down naturally until the next speculator comes along. It'll happen a minor amount with a lot of things, but with big ticket items like this it'll be a lot more noticeable, and this is probably the most iconic big ticket item I can really think of (aside from maybe wet towel or something).

I'd assume that the majority of those speculators will hold on to them until they leave rotation though to start offloading though when the price starts to rise, the OP really smells more like an exploit (whether it's duping or a stolen CC) to me. Buying for immediate resale only really works well if you can control the entire market + can buy up anyone who tries to undercut you (otherwise you're better just waiting to sell), and for something this expensive that's still in an active AC scratch that seems kind of unlikely. It makes more sense to me if these are items they got through nefarious means that they're just trying to offload ASAP via low prices.

Speaking of speculators, it's quite amusing to see the price of those revived emotes fall only after the revival ended. Everyone must have been so sure that Pole Dance would race back up to 150 million within days, forgetting all about the supply-blocked reason for its original rarity. I can only imagine how many of them must be sitting in players' storage, waiting months potentially for a PS4 release or an NGS influx to repeat that exceptional circumstance.

Yeah, speculation can get kinda goofy. When the We Did It/Yatta emote came out as a reward for the mining base campaign a while back, it started out at 16m and shot up to 50m for a few days or so, but it eventually went back down to the 17-18m it's at right now because it turned out people cared about it less than the speculators who'd bought em all up thought (and the people who did care probably did the 15 mining base S ranks for it like I did). Still bummed a bit that I didn't sell mine when it was worth 50m.

But I guess when you've probably got a billion meseta or some ridiculous amount, it doesn't matter if a few speculations fail as long as more of em hit.

Ship 4 needs the price to drop really, isnt it around 20-22m on other ships?

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Ship 4 needs the price to drop really, isnt it around 20-22m on other ships?

Ballooned Bosoms on Ship 3 are still 27-28+ million.

I don't think it's duping, but more likely to be CC fraud on AC scratch.

I noticed that after a day or 2, those item stacks will move to a different PN# account for a similar price. I think that means SEGA is at least starting to go after these accounts and it's spooked them enough to do mass xfers very often.

And for the argument that these PN# accounts are just "merchants"... well, there's not enough big undercuts on these more recent scratches to accumulate this kind of stock (at least not Ship1). These accounts also undercut by 1M-1.5M every time they get undercutted which is a pretty big dent in profit. So yeah, they are not merchants.

One more thing, check their cards lol. Blank, very recent ID#, no alliance and gibberish character name with random letters/numbers.


True, your explanation makes more sense.

So is this legit?


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So is this legit?


Could be, probably. I can easily buy that much, hoard the whole market and resell at a bogged price.

It's only 2 mil, not 30m.

@Mercatto yep ship 1 has the same issue people with shops full of stacks of new ac items.

I mean we have people in our alliance that has almost 1b meseta because they affix and buy things like collab items which they later sell for even higher than what they pay for it.

I do the same thing and on JP I have just under 3b meseta.

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Ship 4 needs the price to drop really, isnt it around 20-22m on other ships?

Ballooned Bosoms on Ship 3 are still 27-28+ million.

ship 2 it varies between 28-32 million.

If in doubt and you are not sure, submit a support ticket through the site. The GM team will investigate and if they see it as being duping or other non-legal means, they will monitor it and add them and anyone else who was participating to the next ban wave.

Hi all! We'll look into this, thank you for bringing it up!

@Mercatto some people are just whales and buy a lot of stuff. But people like Mira wa neko on ship 2 is a duper for sure I believe. She keep putting up 100 main effect fixed for crafting. Same number. It’s impossible to get that many of those. More and more. Once you got your quota that’s it. And same exact number three times in a row.