In game voice turning back on after being set to off

I find this a very disturbing issue I have sometimes whenever I launch the game, but every now and then after I launch the game or relog onto another character the voice chat setting turns back on. Sometimes I don't notice it for a while but when I finally do I have a little heart attack if there is any fix for this please PLEASE let me know. This setting should really be defaulted to off rather than on I can probably vouch for many that find this setting a little invasive of privacy if defaulted to on.

Are you using the chat setting via the quick menu? If so, this stays off for your current session only. In Options > Game Settings > Chat Settings you have to scroll all the way down to "Voice Chat ON/OFF" > Voice Chat Settings, and choose "Not Used."

This permanently disabled sent and received voice chat.

I have it turned off in the options menu not quick menu this issue doesnt occur every time I log in or relog just randomly it seems. Not entirely sure if im hitting some sort of keybind that turns this option back on but also find that changing "environment settings" in the launcher menu resets some graphic settings such as motion blur being turned back on when I originally had it turned off so maybe its tied to that in some way?