@Pun said in Am I the only one who doesn't care for Apprentice's Hyunal form's theme?:

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@Pun said in Am I the only one who doesn't care for Apprentice's Hyunal form's theme?:

Hear me out., here.

Each version of the forms has a really neat soundtrack tied to them, and some are even dynamic, based on the fight. For example...



His theme is kn own as Violent Dynasty. Sounds chaotic, sounds intense, and sounds like you're fighting one hell of a brute. That is basically what Elder is. It shows that Elder is all about strength and dominance through said strength, and putting you in a mindset of despair to set the mood.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUkLsLV9Ruw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXug81Zb6fY

Majestic Dynasty and Imperial Dynasty are his themes. Starts with the former, and transitions into the latter. Has a very elegant, yet sinister mood to the whole thing, in both songs, and Imperial Dynasty gets intense, showing that Luther's not screwing around, anymore, usually opening this phase with his PP-depleting attack. It accentuates his thirst for knowledge, and the desire to know everything there is to know.



Chaotic Dynasty. It has a tone of playfulness, but also a tone of evil, which fits Gemini wanting to play and play, not knowing about the fact that everything has its limits, breaking everything in the process. As their fight transitions into Dranble (Still like the name Dourumble personally), the music kicks up a bit, and the violins get REALLY intense, showing that they're truly looking to push you past your breaking point.

Now, those aside, we fall on Apprentice's theme.


I feel it takes the piss out of the fight, personally. I hear no evil undertones to the song, and it just seems upbeat. On top of that, at around 1:03, there's a line I can't unhear. It sounds like "I'M CALLING PIZZA HUT!" to me. It just sounds... too cheerful for a Hyunal, overall.

And that's my two cents. Are there any themes that sound... off for you, context-wise?

Did you skip all the dialogues and lore of the game?

Because it seems like it's the case.

Apprentice's theme is perfect.

No. No, I didn't. I love Episode 5's content. The point is how Apprentice's theme doesn't encapsulate the malevolence of Dark Falz. In context, it's oddly fitting for something regarding what goes down, keeping from revealing spoilers.

It fits apprentice to perfection. I'd say it's the best Falz theme but they're all good and fit the theme.