Can't join ANY Buster Quest Party.

Hey Sega/PSO2 Team and all ARKS members.

Before the latest update rolled out, I could join Buster Quest parties with no problems. Now after the update, ANY and ALL Buster Quest parties are greyed out and it says "Cannot be selected because the conditions to join the party do not match.". The Ally Participation option is set to "Not Allowed", the congestion isn't full, the party isn't full, the language is JP for the players in the rooms and the party hasn't started the quest yet but yet I can join any non-buster quest party with the exact same settings and status with no problems. I can start a buster quest and wait for players but it seems to take A LONG time for other players to join my buster quest room now and I mean like after 15 to 20 minutes, the room still isn't full. Is this a bug in buster quests with the new update? I'm playing on Steam version.

Don't know if I could before, as I just started and only got access to Buster Quests recently, but this applies to me as well, and it's very difficult to get a Buster Quest run going.

Same problem xbox one.