How about Summoner collection file with the key missing candies?

The spirited parfaits and 14* rappies come to mind, but also:

Actually, since we got 15* weapons now how about 15* pets ;)?

iirc, the Rappy Pet Egg Collection File was a limited time one in JP. Last time I played right before PSO2NA came out, there was no Rappy Pet Egg on JP. But people told me there was.

@coldreactive There is a 14* Rappy egg alongside many other 14* eggs on a no expiry collection file in the Japanese server. Look at the screenshot below. 🙂


Yes, my friend who had the collection file also said it had no expiry, but it wasn't available when I played.

The no expiration summoner egg collection file is only 13 star but it's basically all the pets besides rappy and the 2 new ones.

14 star Glass and Vulcan are on the SP collection file where you can only have 1 sheet/folder at a time.

Other 14 star eggs comes in rotations during seasonal events - 14 star Rappy been in every single one it seems since 2020 - and these 14 star egg collection files only started well into EP6, first one seems to be Easter 2019