Player shop blank or missing UI

EDIT: Found solution. See my 3rd post for solution

I've been having issues with the player shop UI either showing a few items as blank entries or missing text (as seen in the picture below). This does not happen on all player shops, just a majority of them when I go to buy something (most of the time it happens I am buying weapons). Text and windows may be missing when following the steps to buy something. Sometimes, the confirmation window that pops up when you want to purchase something will not show up, but I can still hear the sounds. It makes buying items extremely complicated as I have no visuals to go off of.

As seen below, some UI elements will come back depend on what changes on the UI. The screenshots attached are slightly different than what I wanted to capture because the UI changed when I hit the screenshot button. Picture 1, 2, and 3 are all the same shop, but each cycling through the item details tab on the right. You can see entries are blank on tab 1, then the entries mostly come back with some random UI text on tab 2, then everything is normal on tab 3. Keep in mind that even if the UI is normal here, the confirmation window can sometimes be missing or there would be a blank window with no text.

I am on PC. I have already done a file check (via the PSO2 launcher) and it found no issues. I am currently running on Steam, but have seen this with the Microsoft Store install also.

Has anyone else experienced this and might know a solution for this? This is a terrible user experience.


What is your Graphics Card? (Not Intel. If you have intel as your only GPU, then that's going to be a problem.) In order to find this information out, if you haven't done this before. Press Windows Key + R then type in dxdiag. Go to the Display 1 or Display 2 tab (if you have two GPUs/Monitors.)

I have intel CPU and GTX 1060 3gb GPU. I do have my monitors connected to my GPU. I am using 2 monitors, but this also happened when I'm using 1 monitor.

Thankfully I managed to fix this issue.

My settings: I am running with 1280p (default) text scaling on a 1920x1080 monitor, so the UI elements are smaller. Cause: I resized the player shop window (when you are browsing a specific player's shop) vertically so I can see more items. I stretched it fully so I can see 14 items on my screen. Having too many items (14) displayed at the same time is causing this issue for me.

Proof: While on a player shop with a full inventory (more than 14), resize the window by reducing and increasing the number of items visible on screen. I am able to see the items flashing in and how as I resize.

Solution: Resize window to not display too many items. My issue was fixed when I decrease the window so it only shows 11 items instead of 14.