Strange gray color to Ballooned Bosom accessory

I wanted to know if this was intentional that the Ballooned Bosom accessory doesn’t match the skin tone. No matter what lighting I try or what clothes I wear they never remotely match either of my characters’ skintones.

I put together a pic of two different characters with three different sceneries, Forest, Salon and Daybreak. The match is even worse outside of the salon.

alt text

The medium toned character’s Bosom is more pink than her skintone and a gray tinge to it. The pale toned character’s Bosom is straight up gray in most lighting.

If this is working as intended and is just the limitations of the accessory then that’s fine but it looks broken to me so I wasn’t sure if this is a bug.

They did it on purpose. Same with JP boobs. Theyre intentionally supposed to look fake. Way back when they first came out I bought the white pair and realized my boobs were blue because of my pale cast complexion lol. So I bought the black pair thinking it would alleviate it. I was wrong and 60mil more broke lol. One thing you can do is spend about a half an hour playing with the accessory and push them into the characters chest. However chances are youre going to have to give your character a breast reduction. Think veneers but for boobs XD. If you push the angle up to the point where the purple/black outlining depending on the set your purchased into your character's chest until you can only see the breasts protruding outward, and put something like genshou tights on as body paint, it literally looks like a perfectly cut out mesh for your big ol boobies and it distracts from the color contrast between your skin color and them. Even without genshou if you choose a skin color wisely and push them in enough and reduce the width of the boobs a bit so the outlining doesnt protrude from each side it will still look very nice. Ive dedicated many hours to making ballooned bossom look as natural as possible so if you ever come back to this post and want any advice or pictures of some very diligent boob work just let me know lol

![alt text](![image url](6824030C-5212-43F0-A06A-217B9324EEB1.jpeg image url))



Looks pretty good! It seems like such an odd choice to make it a gag accessory that I was really confused if this was intentional. I managed to make it match my CAST and my Newman with white makeup and white bodystockings with clothes that cover the fabric dimples from the bodystocking but it wasn’t easy.

@Milk I know I wish they would have just made it match the skin but hey I’m thankful we have it period haha. the butt to gut ratio that they implement or not being able to have one without the other rather can be alleviated with it. But I guess just like with full slap in real life you’ll be thrust into bad lighting every now and then