*internal scream*

I'll get right on that meseta farming.. haha.


Don't ever ever ever EVER buy any tickets above 30 millions.

All the good tickets are above 30mil on Ship 2. That's life though.

I bought that this week. Cheapest was on ship 2 for around 50m which is what I paid. Ship 3 had the cheapest but someone bought them recently. Your best bet is ship 2, they still had quite a few. Don’t buy from any suspicious looking accounts. From what I saw no one was selling multiples so that’s a good sign.

You mean the balloon bazingas? I sold three of those for 22mil.

But the price just goes right back up.

Usually undercut between 30-50%

I've met my monthly CC limit sadly.


No Standby 6 emote. It’s long gone so players can charge a lot for it. It was around 35m in September but the prices have skyrocketed since then. Mine was the cheapest at 46m.

Yeah that’s what I paid for my bosoms, now they’re all bought up and shot up to 45m. I expect a drop in price once the market fills up again. But once scratch is over that’s it.

I was careful selling the balloons on the market to a point of making them sell but they didn't force me into a corner of constant deep undercutting. As for the picture above I would say try another ship or wait for a hopeful revival.

I undercut because I like people getting the stuff they want without suffering as much.


On my ship those bosoms were going for 21m cheapest and then within two hours they were all bought up and there’s only two left for absurd prices like 75m last I checked. The fluxuation in prices for these things is insane! I’m still trying to get balloon B to complete collection and waiting for a dip in price again.

Poor LW wants something long gone though so prices won’t dip unless there’s a revival, it really sucked watching prices climb.

Thanks for all the great replies everyone.