I am not sure if this has been brought up and I know it is such a little change but can we please have more than the current favourite slots since I am getting a lot of great Phasion and I am struggling to keep track of it sometime which prompts me to have to go to the salon constantly to change my look when I get new stuff since I have a bad time remembering names so I mark them with the star to show they are my favourite but after doing the recent AC scratch I found that the current favourite slots were fine before but are becoming an issue now.

Example of what I mean: Salon example.png

In this example I have 4 pages worth of hair and CAST head parts and while I like some that aren't favourite I cannot favourite them due to the lack of slots which is at 20 atm but it would be nice if the devs could make this like 100 or something to give it some futureproofing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this 😊