How to unlock Hero Class

Hero class reaching level 75 with different characters works as long as you arent levelling the same class

Yes, since the requirements is acquiring the lv 75 class title

You also need to actually get the title from the title counter. Just leveling two classes to 75 isn't enough. Once Phantom releases, you'll be able to get it immediately, since it has the same requirements.

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@Nope21 If i level a cast to level 75 then level my human to level 75 will that count as levelling 2 classes

The title requires two level 75 titles to be obtained. You cannot level the same class to 75 twice as such.

You must level two different classes to get the Hero class. Apparently the two classes must be on the same character, as corrected by the posters below.

Sorry man, it’s got to be two classes with a single character.

Just level two classes that will benefit from whatever your mag is.

If you have a dex mag, level Braver and Bouncer to lvl 75 If you have a range mag, level Ranger and Gunner to lvl 75 If you have a tec mag, You can get Summoner, Techter, or Force to lvl 75 Finally a Melee mag, Hunter and Fighter to lvl 75

I think you can get it on two different characters as the unlock requirement requires two level 75 titles be obtained and titles are account bound not character bound. You do have to level two different classes though.

I just picked two I liked. So I got my summoner to level 75 then my ranger to level 75 and Bam I got the title to unlock hero. Now I can play Hero on my alt characters on the same account cause it's a title you get that lets you play Hero.

Same will happen with Phantom when it comes out. If you've already unlocked hero you just have to go to Cofy and talk to her to unlock Phantom as well.

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@ZorokiHanuke their two different classes with 2 different characters would that count.

From what I am aware of no, you have to have two classes to level 75 with ONE character. Two characters does not unlock it.

@Jman A single character does make sense, so I'll correct my previous statement.

@ZorokiHanuke levelling to level 75 on two different characters works they cant be the same class.

@Golden_Syrup I couldn't try it myself since I already had multiple characters, all of them with more than one class at 75 when Hero was released. At least the consensus is two classes, as that's what's officially stated. Now if you tried it with different characters and it worked (since class level up titles are account wise), then that's good as well.

i have 2 classes on 75 on one character but i dont get the title unlocked it just does not turn green no matter what

@ZudoUtl Did you go to the Title Counter on the character you did so on and accept the reward for the Title?