Cros server

I propose to add a cross server, allowing you to pass missions not only in different blocks of one server, but in all blocks of all servers. This will make it easier for people to find parties. People from different servers will see each other only on the mission map, getting from one server to another, making an exchange is impossible.

Many many games have various servers to keep the player population balanced. Either join the server your friends are in or have them join your server. The idea of a server is not new in the MMO world and I dunno why you think PSO2 would be any different. If they were gonna let us switch ships whenever we wanted to then they might as well just have one server. Which would naturally cause lag an loading errors.

@VolosatoeSteklo The other user gave a good response, another good response would be that you use the site as intended, and post this in the forums in-games suggestion thread.