Is it possible to upgrade potential?

Hello everyone!

I am currently considering getting "Atlas Zems Ex" from Zig. After looking it up at NA Visiphone website, I saw that the weapon can have either Unflagging Spirit or Unflagging Spirit Redux.

However, the one I'll be getting from Zig will have the "Unflagging Spirit" potential, right? Will I be able to upgrade the potential into the "Redux" version?

Thanks in advance!

@Eldaykaa As for now, we can't have the "Redux" version potential in the global server. Once it becomes available, you'll be able to switch the potential at the item lab through the "Switch Potentials" feature.

Actually, when we bring Atlas EX weapons to the lab, the option to switch the potential is already there. Just we don't have any means to get the material needed to do the switch. The material (Luminfragment Emel) comes from an EP 6 content Divide Quest, so I think we'll have to wait for the next year to see it.

Changing potential supposedly requires re-leveling it.

@Ren6617 It doesn't. You simply go to Monica/Dudu and select the Switch Potential option, then you pay a small meseta fee, along with the amount of the needed material (Photon Spheres, Ultimate Boosters, etc.) that you would have used had you picked that potential from the get-go (in this case 240 Luminfragment Emels).

Thank you so much for the replies! I've been wanting to do this with the eternal psycho drive. I have it stuck at level 10 because I don't have the required ultimate boosters yet, now I can upgrade it first then switch the potential.

I wish they'll let us exchange photon boosters for ultimate boosters.. The grind can be unbearable sometimes!

Probably, we'll have that photon boosters -> ultimate boosters exchange in the future. In JP server, players can exchange 90 photon boosters for 1 ultimate booster. This was introduced in August '19 in JP, which is about the middle of the Phantom class introduction and the Etoile (Superstar???) class introduction. Maybe we'll have the same exchange at similar timing.

Yes please! Been watching those scion classes on Youtube for a while now. They look so cool.

@Eldaykaa said in Is it possible to upgrade potential?:

Yes please! Been watching those scion classes on Youtube for a while now. They look so cool.

To address points already pointed out:

  • The Redux potentials will be unlockable when we get Divide Quests being playable on global.
  • Once you play Luster it spoils the gameplay for every class before them. I really wish the classes had this sort of depth baked into their natural gameplay.