Question about ships

Hey, super new to PSO 2 for Xbox. Been playing PSO 1&2 offline with friends for over ten years. Kind of new to all the online capabilities sadly though .. can anyone explain the importance of ships and how to utilize them for your benefit in the game? Thanks, and excuse my ignorance 😅

Ships are servers.

Ok, thanks. Do you have to create a new character upon entering a new server? Or can you use the same character on every ship?

People usually stick to a single ship/server. If you want to access another ship, you have to make another character there. But the overall limit of characters you can create free is 3 total. Ships 1 and 2 were the initial ones, so you will see most xbox players there. Ship 3 was added when the game got released through MS store for PC. And Ship 4 is the newest one that got released when Steam added a bunch of countries and renamed the game from PSO2 NA to PSO2 Global.

@ZorokiHanuke Damn, this is super helpful! Thank you, I appreciate it. Accidentally clicked ship 4 initially lol.. and my brothers over on ship 1. Ah well. I do have 2 more questions if you got the time being that I’m a completely newbie to online pso. Always played the offline older games.

Any quick short cuts to enter the chat in the lobby? And, what’s the best way to start playing with other online players? Thanks for your time, it’s majorly appreciated.

Well, I'm not much of a chatter in game, but at least text chat can be started any time by pressing the enter key on your KB. As for playing with others, the best alternative is to join an Alliance. There are alliances that welcome new players. You will most likely be invited to join one or two by people tossing recruit invites in lobbies. Just make sure you join one you like.

@ZorokiHanuke thanks again for the response! Majorly appreciate it ! Best

You can transfer a character from one ship to the other.

@Scerms77 how do you do that?

@scaryfoghorn said in Question about ships:

@Scerms77 how do you do that?

You have to use the character transfer option on the character selection screen. It costs AC to do, and your character will not be transferred until a maintenance occurs.

@coldreactive Okay, gotcha. Thanks a lot for the response. Appreciate it

@ZorokiHanuke said in Question about ships:

Ship 3 was added when the game got released through MS store for PC.

Ship 3 was opened at the start of the open beta period on March 17th. No ship was opened on PC release, which was a bit of a controversy at the time as many PC players wanted to start on a fresh service.

@Miraglyth I stand corrected, thanks.