So how is everyone enjoying Masq?

So far I'm greatly enjoying this boss. The reset time is a little odd though.

How is everyone else doing with this boss?


The new solo ultimate (Even Floor/Depth 1) is a bit too difficult for me right now. So I'm not going to bother with it.

Not sure how some players were able to get to Depth 19, i'm getting blocked after 10. In any case, I want a Storm Shade. It's a weapon on JP that lets me cast Anti on a non-casting class. If it's not released I'll be forced to switch off HU/FI to something like HU/SU or HU/PH as levels continue to increase. Granted I have no plans to go all the way to the end of this.

@PrinceBrightstar The odd reset period was in the middle of the day, after maintenance.

So anyone that hit Depth 10 before then could go to Depth 20.


I'm sorry, did you type something? I was ...distracted.

I got all 10 class clears on the first day and climbed to 20 on techer today, the fight is fun but i wish it wasn't time gated. There's a non time gated depth 500 one on rondo but needing a competent party for it makes it kinda-more-gated than the other one.

I did... 1 copleted run. I figured I'd wait until I have my 15⭐ weapon before I go at it again.

Heya @SuccubusAlice, just wanna know, how did you find the reset time period a little odd?

@GM-Sirius It resets at 12pm PST rather than 5am PST shown on website.

@GM-Sirius Just as Falz said above, the reset time is in the middle of the day instead of early in the day.

Even more so with the EST time zone, as it means a 3pm reset time.

So the (weekly?) reset unlocks extra floors only for people who cleared the previous ones?

It feels like this is something that should have gotten a website mention, considering we're getting full announcements for new UQs now and all those detail is a minority of their unique drops. Quests with new time-gated progression mechanics hitting us out of the blue seems weird. The fact people are even calling it Masq is confusing, since the game itself doesn't seem to (unless it's not "Regional Survey Remnants of a Parallel World", and if not, what even is it?)

@GM-Sirius said in So how is everyone enjoying Masq?:

Heya @SuccubusAlice, just wanna know, how did you find the reset time period a little odd?

I think a couple of the counters' reset times aren't right. For instance the Prize Purveyor in the casino and the Battle Coin Barterer in the shopping area both say their limited (weekly) exchange "Resets on Wednesday at 8:00" for me but I've found the former happens at midnight local time instead. I've always thought it was that one of them wasn't correctly applying conversion to local time.

This also means the Battle Coin exchange reset would happen during maintenance every other week; when this happens it seems to reset around 12 hours later instead, which often means there's time after the maintenance before it has reset. Since this new quest arrived on a maintenance day, perhaps it experienced the same thing?

Er, it's mentioned on the website

You’ll have 10 attempts at this quest each day, with the counter resetting at 5:00 AM (PST). A successful quest still consumes one attempt. Remaining, unused attempts do not transfer over to the next day.

Granted it's a little misleading, you have 10 clears a day. You can attempt it how many times you like providing you don't kill him.

And we call him Masquerade since... that's his name?

@Falz said in So how is everyone enjoying Masq?:

And we call him Masquerade since... that's his name?

Masquerade is an incorrect translation in the fan patch. It's Masquerader.

@Laep Either way it still shortens to "Masq"