[Ship 02] SwagDragonZ

Ever needed an alliance that give you the same amount of "Never-Ending Adventure" but with the scientifically all powerful word that is... "SWAG"? Then DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!!! Introducing the new upcoming alliance of Ship 02, SWAGDRAGONZ!!!

"What's SwagDragonZ?"

SwagDragonZ is an Active, Semi-Casual (play for FUN and to SLAY/WIN), Social/Community-based, LGBTQIA+ supportive alliance formed by yours truly Uw0, who goal... is to bring SWAG across ALL of ORACLE!!!! Currently we're a starting alliance, with our goal primarily being to spread the word of our alliance and look for new members, hoping that overtime we'll be brimming with liveliness and activity!

SDZ Member Requirements:

  • No Level or Skill required, everyone (whether Newcomer or Veteran) is welcomed with open arms!

  • NEVER, Under any circumstances, DISCRIMINATE within the discord server nor the in-game alliance chat. Heck, even in general as that'd probably go against SEGA's and PSO2's ToS. (Remember that, no matter your gender/sexuality/religion/culture/ETC., everyone is accepted)

  • Be active daily to ensure commotion and liveliness in the alliance (nobody wants to appear in an empty bar now do they =w=), doing so will also prevent you from quarterly alliance purges. If you miss a day or two of PSO2, that okay; Just make sure to notify (either) me/an Officer/Admin about your recent absence. While we don't force people to play the game everyday, we at least expect them to play daily in their spare/free time or for when an event starts.

  • Be SWAG. What that mean? It means, be confident, be your own boss, be a meme (I mean it +w+), yet most importantly, BE YOU.

  • Promise to abide by all of SDZ's guidelines (presented in our server) and help us make a flourishing community to both our alliance and Ship 02!

Here what to expect from us at SDZ:

  • Our Discord Server provides some gathered resources (Youtube, PSO2 blogs, Fellow Discord Users, ETC.) to help members with whatever they need. We also host events, Movie/Game Nights, Giveaways (Meseta, Clothing Item, 13/14/15* equipment, ETC.), and more to come!!! If you have some friends you'd want to invite over, yet don't want to join SDZ, no problem! Just hit me up and they'll simply just apply themselves as a Guest. We also provide separate channels for other popular titles called the "OTHER GAMES" category/section! (More explained on our official discord server)

  • In-game we hold a variety of different activities! Like Very/Super Hard Advance Quests/Buster Quests/Challenge Mode/Battle Arena/Endless Quest/Ultimate Quests/Trigger RUNs, Urgent Quest Cafe Meetups (B-20), Concert Meetups, and Alliance EVENTS (as stated in the last point)

[Interested in joining the SDZ Crew or have any further questions on the alliance? Than consider hitting me up on Discord @ SwagDragon©#5777 or just join through here: https://discord.gg/KuZdjhZ ]


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