Login rewards

Did anyone else not get the Open Beta Rewards ? Mine didn't seem to reward me on m first login.

Same here nor did I get my CBT rewards

Yeah, did all the urgent quests in CBT as well.

I didn't get mine either

I haven't gotten mine

I did finally get mine. Had to do so many main missions to get them to show up

I got mine obt stuff but not my CBT items

I'm also missing the open beta rewards, but for those missing the closed beta rewards that you were expecting to be delivered in the open beta, those have been moved to being delivered upon full launch.

Thanks to Ragnawind for catching this. The page he linked to here originally said they'd be delivered in the open beta. @Ragnawind said in Not getting OPEN BETA TEST REWARDS:

@SleepyNight0wl said in Not getting OPEN BETA TEST REWARDS:

I didn't get my closed beta rewards no halo accessories nothing i did 3 urgent quest during the close beta , so im alittle lost

Weren't those supposed to be given out at official launch? This is just another Beta.

EDIT: yes, those aren't being distributed until official launch, which is TBA: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/cbtrewards

The Open Beta Test rewards should be at your visiphones now. Go to "Campaign Rewards" and check all three different options.

OBT was there this morning, is the CBT hitting at full release?

@GM-Deynger also what about the game pass rewards the post says the 18 but they never have dropped, or do they get released later?

CBT rewards are coming 3/31. Game Pass rewards delivery is a known issue that is currently being worked on. Apologies!

Ok kool and np thanks for the reply and all of the hard work, also the rewards ^^

I don't see login yesterday and today no show pop up screen today is a new day here is your reward. nothing ... Did it just one time at launch as a preview?

I only saw the login reward screen at launch but not yesterday and today...

Yes, log-in any time during the Open Beta. Since you redeemed that yesterday, nothing from here on out.