Started playing several weeks ago with some friends (all through Steam) and seems like every 1-3 days, I will get "Unexpected Error NP1002" while in the middle of a mission. My game crashes and when trying to restart, either it runs in the background only or the game uninstalls itself. I've had to reinstall the game at least 5 times now, and this is only happening to me, none of my friends that started same time. Using Windows 10 64bit. Looked up a few forums and tried the following but so far no luck:

  • Delete GameGuard folder
  • Turn off Windows Defender
  • Uninstall/reinstall/restart PC

The frustrating part is that every time I try a new troubleshoot strategy and think it works, the next day, same old issue, different day... And it is always while in the middle of a mission (timed quest, urgent quest, exploration, advanced...).