Error NP1013 after today's update

@RavenEightyNine Nope.. still happening to me... Haven't heard back from support, and people in the community are clueless about it. 😞

I've given up on playing PSO2. I just check here now and again to see if problem fixed since support are not fussed about replying.

@Korveck said in Error Code: NP1002 after last Wednesday's update:

Hey i finally fixed np1002 , u need to disable core isolation in windows defender , u can send ur erl files in arks-layer discord and the bot will help you , Open Windows Defender Security Centre -> Device Security -> Core Isolation details -> Disable Memory Integrity -> Restart your PC.

This, try this.

@FANtasyStarOnline Windows defender is disabled, and disabling the other antivirus softwares didn't do anything either. >.O

Can I disable the core thingy without defender being active?

If it helps, it worked fine immediately after updating PSO2 yesterday, but after running it and restarting my computer, the same issue started occuring again.

@CowSaysBOOM Yes! It doesn't matter if Defender is active or not, this memory integrity still needs to be disabled

@FANtasyStarOnline I checked, it's already turned off. 😞

I have a problem bout this np1013. When i checked the .erl file, it says that the gameguard detect the steam overlay file. I play pso2 steam ver. It's annoying.

So today my computer bluescreened while playing (the only time the game works is if I immediately start it up when my OS starts up from being fully shut down) and when it started back up, the game ran totally fine. When I shut down and restarted my computer later, the issue was back again.

@CowSaysBOOM do you know how solve the steam external dll problem? I've do many things, but it didn't solve. I've contact the support, but no one reply it.

No clue, sorry @Theo27

Just checking in to say that this is still a problem and nothing seems to fix it. I've tried every suggestion here and nothing helps. I've done a fresh Windows install that has almost nothing installed on it besides Steam and PSO2 in the first place and nope, still get these errors. I've checked the .erl files and stuff with the bot on PSO2 discord and it doesn't even find potential problems.

The only 'solution' so far has been to play on my laptop which for completely unknown reasons doesn't have this problem.

@Kevadu That's the same as me almost! I'm starting to think maybe it's a hardware thing. Did you message support? Just so they know that it's an issue worth investigating.

Has this problem been sorted yet?

@Nidhogg I'm still having the problem with no known reason. Been sending support updates and the results of my tests and whatever, but I haven't heard back from them in a couple weeks. 😞

Ah ok, Well I think I may have finally found a solution. I have played three times for up to 2 hours each log in with no problems. That's with my AV program, firewall, Steam overlay and maybe 1 or 2 other memory resident programs running and no NP1013 error what so ever.

All I did was, Go into my BIOS system and disabled all the tweaking options that's "Disable" not AUTO except where AUTO was warranted. Also disabled not "AUTO" on board video as I didn't need it because of external Graphics Card. Saved settings rebooted and bingo running like a dream, My systems is running smoother and faster as well. Bought it secondhand so that's why I thought I'd take a look at BIOS settings. If you try the above let me know how you went back in here. Good luck.