Error NP1013 after today's update

Glad you got it working. I tried disabling some BIOS stuff, but it didn't work. Come to think of it though.. when this all started, I had to reset my BIOS because when the GameGuard issues started, it caused an issue with even getting my computer to turn on.

GameGuard: "Keeping players safe from enjoying games."

Yeah I hear ya. Can't see why they can't change to Battle eye or at least an anti cheat engine that isn't full of bugs. At least you know now it's a BIOS setting somewhere, At least you can try different options. I can take a pic of my setup and post if you like. I have an AMI BIOS

Still going strong since I did those things I stated in one of my previous post.

Sooo still nothing huh? I'd love to play this game but the np 1013 error is really stopping me.