Error NP1013 after today's update

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I've been playing without issue for months, and after today's update, I've been getting this error after playing for a few minutes. This occured before and after updating windows. I am using the Steam version, and I am not running any programs I haven't been running the past few months. Avast, Malwarebytes, the Nvidia control panel (no GeForce Experience though).

I'd really like to play today and try my luck at some scratch tickets and work through my daily missions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if I have to reinstall, could someone tell me where my in-game settings are saved so I can back those up?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Oh, I already tried deleting the GameGuard folder, but that didn't work.

I am also now getting this error after today's update.

Same here haven't been able to stay logged in for more than 5 minutes.

Same for me.

I timed it and I get exactly 10 min and then booted by the error.

Edit: If you are getting the error do not forget to register a bug report so that they will look into it.

So support replied to my ticket and I updated my Nvidia driver as per their message. So far absolutely no issue! Maybe you guys can try that too. Good luck!

Edit: Looks like I spoke too soon. I'm gonna try to see if I can narrow down exactly what's causing this.

@Highditto said in Error NP1013 after today's update:

I timed it and I get exactly 10 min and then booted by the error.

Edit: If you are getting the error do not forget to register a bug report so that they will look into it.

Yes please do!

No luck. I've been trying to fix this for over 8 hours, I think. It's time to call it a night. Maybe I'll get to play tomorrow. 😞

been going some digging and not gotten far with things tonight. Currently, I am upgrading Windows 10 Version 20H2 but that will not be finished for a few hours yet. based on what I have seen online it has something to do with an overlay on the game. I have disabled overlays on all of the software I typically run including Steam, Discord, and Nvidia, but still no luck.

EDIT: Windows fully updated and the problem persists.😖

@CowSaysBOOM in your initial post you mentioned that you are using Avast and Malwarebytes. I use AVG and Malwarebytes. AVG was taken over by Avast last year so I am wondering if one or both of our anti-virus and malware programs might be triggering the error. so far they seem to be something we have in common at least.

Some good news. 😊

I made 4 changes and so far I have remained connected to the PSO2 for about an hour without getting the NP1013 error.

I have disabled AVG antivirus, AVG tune-up, Malewarebytes and open hardware monitor. I also put the game into window mode to see if anything was happening in the system's background well I was running the game. this combination has lead to stable gameplay for at least an hour.

Given that @CowSaysBOOM and myself both have Malwarebytes running I am thinking that might be the problem but it will have to wait until I am done work today for more testing, did this over my lunch break. if anyone else has a chance to test this let us know.

I didn't do anything, and it seems to be working okay. At least it did this morning for about 30 minutes before I had class. The only thing I did lastnight was run a chkdsk (despite having an SSD). The chkdsk crashed and bluescreened and somewhere (I think windows updates) I saw something saying a windows update was uninstalled because it caused a problem with startup. I then ran a system file check, and it said it found a corrupted file and it repaired it.

Also, after hours if googling, I found some references to error 1013 being caused by GameGuard missing a file. Avast and Malwarebytes is still running. I'm about to go play now, so I'll leave an update in a bit.

Update: Still having the same issue. Doing a system image restore to a couple updates ago and seeing what happens then. This is a super huge pain in the butt. At least I got to check the Fresh Finds and do my dailies for the day, I guess...

getting constant 1013s myself, here are my background programs:








@Omae-Wa-Mou-Shindeiru Try turning off avast and see if that works for you. I think we may have found the problem program but I will not be able to test it until tonight.

@Highditto you don't need to turn off the anti-virus, just add the entire directory of PSO2 to the exceptions after all games and anti-virus most of the time don't get along and is common for the anti-virus consider the .exe of the game a threat and throw it into the quarantine so add into the exceptions to ignore it, also check how the game is configurated in the firewall it can also be the reason of that error

@GM-Deynger, can we get an official error list please? Everyone seems to be assuming that 1013 is caused by GameGuard being "tripped by another program," but I'm yet to see anyone provide a source of that information beyond "what someone else said on another post." The closest I found to an official explanation is from stating:

"Error 610/620/102/1013/1014: this indicates that GameGuard files are not found or have been changed. Delete the GameGuard folder and try again."

Errors 114 and 200 indicate an issue with other programs. I suppose Avast COULD be "tripping GameGuard, but it would only be doing it because it thought GameGuard was a virus and attempted to remove a file, however it would have reported at least attempting to do so. I'm going to attempt to cause other crashes from this list to check it's reliability. Let the record show in case my account gets flagged for suspicious activity or something.

I didn't get any homework this weekend and just wanted to enjoy the game, but that seems to be unlikely to happen at this point.

I understand that you're busy, but my premium time is ticking away and my mission pass isn't going to complete itself, and I can't scratch tickets if I can't log in. With a game that's feature that assures consistent play by making players not want to miss out on events and items doesn't let you play for almost a week, it's pretty anxiety inducing.

Should support not be able to resolve this in a reasonable time, who do I contact to request my mission pass items and reimbursement for my unusable premium time?