What are you thankful for(on PSO2)?

With the holiday fast approaching, I thought it would be a fun, lighthearted little topic. You don’t have to live in the US to celebrate, we’ve got turkey day on good ol’ PSO2!

So what are you thankful for in the game?

I’m thankful for the game being available when I needed it the most. The holiday season doesn’t feel magical in the real world right now but I’m so excited for PSO2’s Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Actually being motivated to do something

I am thankful for PSO2 in both Japan and Global servers for being my go to MMO and making the best out of the current situation, By giving us a place where no matter where you are you can come together and have fun without putting anybody at risk or anything. I am most thankful for the fun from JP Episode 3 all the way till now with Global Episode 5 and JP Episode 6. 😊

I am just happy that i can play this great game.

PSO on Dreamcast (and later GameCube) was/is by far my favourite game. Even today.

I cry tears just when hearing the intro theme...pso2 is all i ever wanted. I tried to play on japanese servers back then,but i couldnt get past the captcha boss. When this was announced die xbox in NA, i jumped up and down two hours straight in joy.

I dont care what some people make out AS flaws, this is just a great game!!!

Beside gaming im just happy that my one year old son,my wife and i are doing alright in that corona shit.


I know the feeling, I haven’t drawn in forever, the motivation is just tapped out but this game sparks something in me. When I accomplish something in the game I feel happy again.


I feel that way too! My household is high risk so I can’t see my loved ones but at least we can celebrate together in game and I get to talk to them every day.


I’m happy that your family is well! I wanted to play JP but I’ve never played an overseas game before so I just missed out. When I saw PSO2 on Steam I jumped for joy.

The satisfying combat, the silly times in an alliance, just a good time in general.

And the fact a certain cursed accessory arrived today


I have yet to see anybody wearing it, it’s very expensive on my ship. 😞

What accessory are you talking of?

The willingness to learn from the series' troubled history in the rest of the world, by both creating and sticking to a solid catch-up plan. I'm sure that's restored a lot of faith that would have been at a low point particularly after what happened to Universe.

It'll be interesting to see how they keep on top of things once we're caught up, primarily in NGS when it comes to translating and dubbing new content in smaller more frequent doses than one or two large waves pre-NGS needed.


Ballooned Bosom, it’s a big chest accessory.


I admittedly have only played one older PSO game but I like the direction the game is going overall and I’m excited for NGS.

I'm really thankful about how much the JP team cares about the Global audience. They keep doing really cool things for us like this event and I think it's wonderful.

@Milk It's always nice to see a postive-vibes thread and I agree that in-game holiday celebrations are especially appreciated this year with regular traditions disrupted!

For me, I'm thankful that a content creator (CammyCakes) turned me onto the PSO franchise right when I was burnt out on my go-to games for the past 5+ years (Destiny & Hearthstone). I'd also never found a Diablo 3 replacement that I really got into and PSO2 has been that and much more with the complexity of all its systems. So thank you to SEGA and Microsoft for sharing this game with the global playerbase!!

Oh, and I'm also thankful that I bought my Dark Rappy mag device when it was only(!) 9.5M ;D

I'm thankful for the dev team pouring their heart into this long-awaited localization, being rather transparent to the community, and doing whatever they can to provide as much content for us as JP got. They've been really laying into the crossovers, adjusting things quickly based on user feedback, and have been responsive to players, as a whole.

@ApollosAmour said in What are you thankful for(on PSO2)?:

I'm really thankful about how much the JP team cares about the Global audience. They keep doing really cool things for us like this event and I think it's wonderful.

Bump. Also to see JP get something created for Global.


It’s a really fun event and Halloween blew me away. I haven’t had so much for holiday events since GW2. Between the events and those concerts, the game feels more fresh than a grindfest.


I figured we all could use one, I know a lot of people are depressed in 2020 especially for the holidays, including fellow players. This game means more to me than I could ever convey.

That’s really cool! My Diablo replacements were Path of Exile, Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2 but this game replaced a lot of other games I was hanging onto but getting increasingly bored of.

Sweet deal. No deals for me this time around but I’m slightly grateful I got to buy Standby 6 emote, I didn’t know you could read a book!


I agree, they’ve done a pretty good job. It’s a lot to fit eight years into one but I think they’ve tried to make it as seamless as possible. I’m also grateful to the mods who always let us know we’ve been heard.