What to do With Unwanted Items?

So I got a female outfit (from the scratch ticket thing) and not sure what to do with it since I don't want it.

I'm curious if I'm able to give it away or is it bound to my account?

If you have premium, or get a 3 day shop pass, you can sell it to other players that might want it!

@Aviarei Thanks for the reply! I guess I'll hold on to it and then look into premium later on 😄

@Clain No problem! AC scratch items also have another use in the Recycle shop, such as trading so many of them for other items- I can't remember quite what all is in there, but I know there's a mag form change pass. Like say you used a device on your mag, and then used another, but miss your mag's old form, you could use that pass to change it back, or between any forms you've used devices for on your mag!