Item Design Contests

Hello all! My friends and I are interested in having item design contests, much like how JP conducts theirs. This would give the community an opportunity to contribute snazzy-looking content for the game, as well as let everyone who participates have an impact on the game's direction and future for outfit designs, weapon camos, etc. I'd imagine prizes could include various AC amounts, depending on placement in the contest(s). Not only would this bring diversity and representation in a way the community wants, but it can also be an indicator to the devs/mods/etc. for what fashions people will want generally going forward. You also have to remember, cultures between JP and the Global community are much, much different, so trends in preferences can change as the game grows. Win-win, in my opinion.

I suppose we could see Western design contests for NG. That would mean any of those will benefit from the upgraded NG models.

I agree with this suggestion, I would love to enter the contests too.