S Grade Augments

Hello Fellow Bouncers!! I am looking for Any Good Recommendations on any Good S-Grade Augments I should be looking at now that The *15 Star Weps are arriving I already am going to be getting the Atlas Exocet I have Atlast EX+35 and Lumier +35 Plus the 400 EXCUBES that I need. However the ATls Exocet allows for Sgrade augments for 1-4 can any one suggest any good build I can try or any ones I should be aiming for.

Bouncer is one of the classes that can easily get 100% Critical Rate (especially once you can sub Phantom), so you ideally want to grab S1-S3 Precision Will (Aggressive Will is also a decent option, though not as powerful). As for the S4, my personal choice is S4: Lifesteal Strike from the Atlas Gunblade, though S4: Photon V Adaptation from the Atlas Partisan is good too if you have issues with PP management (although it does require high PP to take full advantage of [{Max PP -120}x0.1]).