Xbox Series X color issue when playing PSO2

hey Hey Fellow Arks

I was able to get my Xbox Series X today and I notice when loading up PSO2 and playing that the colors are really bland and dull now with the new system doesn't any one know if there will be a patch or something I need to fix it. The game is still playable for looks sad/weird now. Thanxs for any info

well in the moment you not gonna see any patch to fix stuff for the new console generation, new consoles always have problems with the games when they are released and takes time to fix for then to come at least is good to know that PSO2 is working properly in the new Xbox generation.

@Last-Outlaw04 Everything that worked on the Xbox One should work 100%. That said I was not lucky enough to score a Series X so I do not have firsthand experience with it. What I do know is that the Series X has an auto HDR feature that adds HDR to games that did not have it. Speaking from experience lower to mid range TV's do not have a high enough peak brightness for HDR. If I enable HDR on my One X I actually get a washed out picture on my TCL 5 Series 4K TV. I don't know what display you have or if this could be your issue. It's just a suggestion. I would go into the video settings on the Series X and turn HDR off and see if that works. Also I suggest running the calibrator in the video settings as well. It really makes a difference. One last suggestion is to check your options in game. Go to graphics settings > graphics features > and make sure Color Tone Curve is set to on. Try those things and see how it looks. Good luck!

I have to turn off my hdr on my tv and turn it back on to get my color back in 4k.

maybe its an auto HDR problem with the game ? is there a way to turn it off HDR ?

Like I said above to turn off HDR go into the display settings on the Xbox and turn HDR off.