Phantom as a Sub-class?

I've heard some people mention Force using Phantom as a sub-class on the JP version. Should I consider this over Techter? If not, what should I focus on in Episode 6 for Techter subclass?

Using Phantom as a subclass for Force allows you to cast Tech very quickly, and maintain full movement speed while doing so as well. It also is allows Force to reach a 100% Crit Rate (in combination with a a Crit Tech ring and a Novel/Liberte weapon).

The main caveat is that you will be focusing less on matching element as a Fo/Ph is mostly a Lightning build with some Ice; additionally, Phantom's Tech Short Charge reduces Tech potency by 30%, but decreases charge time by 50% and PP cost by 30%, and while that may seem like a downgrade, the fast charge time and lower PP cost (especially when combined with Lightning Tech PP Preservation) means that you can get higher DPS and DPP.

The only real loss over Techter is some of the utility skills, like Deband Cut and Super Treatment.

I'd probably be using the giant tornado compound anyway to help make up for some of that. Thanks, looks like I might change to Force/Phantom on my main Oia then.

Should I go Talis or Rod? If Rod, should I put 1 into rod shoot/bullet? I'm not the best at PP management.

I did up this rough skill tree:

@coldreactive You can do either, depending on which you are more accustomed to (though Talis will always technically be stronger thanks to Talis Tech Bonus). If you do go Rod, you would put 3SP into Photon Bullet since that gives you the maximum PP recovery.

Also, PP management will be a bit different since you won't have PP Conversion and Phantom's PP Restorate is weaker than Techter's, but the PP cost reduction can offset that a bit (add on to that that you want at least 200PP as a sub-Phantom). Anecdotally, on my Fo/Ph I can usually get through a SH Harkotan TA with only having to fire off a couple of Photon Bullets, though that is also with my Liberate Rod's additional 15% PP reduction.

As for the Tree you put up, Advanced Normal Tech is not needed since the reduced Charge Time makes it pointless to not Charge all your attacks, plus all Fused Techs count as Charged, including the ones from Marlu; those points may be better off maxing Technique Power Mega-Up and getting Photon Bullet to 3SP.

Since I only use Rod (never could get the hang of Talis, personally) and have 200+ PP via equipment, this is my Tree:

@AndrlCh said in Phantom as a Sub-class?:

have 200+ PP via equipment

What equipment / augments do you recommend? (Specifically, what augments should I merge / try to put onto units/etc. Because I really don't like messing with the augment system, as I never really have any affix enhancers.) I also don't really have money to waste on buying items, and can't farm gear from hard content like Crimson Fellwyrm where enemies are very mobile/etc.

@coldreactive It's hard to say what to do on the Global version considering how things are different in terms of availability of things. We should have access to more 12☆ and 13☆ Units once end-of-Episode 5/Episode 6 come around, and many of them have high PP on their own (for example, 13☆ Schvelle Units have 12 PP naturally, and 12☆ Lightstream Units have 15 PP naturally).

As for the Augments, it really comes down to what you are comfortable trying to do. It is simple enough to get a decent amount of PP on your equipment with low slots (like a Nept Soul+ARKS Fever+Elegant Casting giving you 13PP), but going simple could leave you lacking in other additional stats like HP and TEC-Pwr.

While it may seem like a tall order to get to 200+ PP, keep in mind that you get 20PP from Phantom's Tree, 10PP from lv75 Title Bonuses, and 10PP for leveling to lv95; additionally, you can always have an extra 5PP from Jerky, and 20PP from using a Large PP Drink. That right there gives you 165PP, so you only need to get 35PP through your equipment to meet that minimum of 200PP.