It is time...


Ah okay thanks, I must be seeing the difference in texture. It’s definitely not an exact skin match but it’s not too bad with the right outfit and bodypaint.

Yes... resize and relocate...

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Guess I have reached the culture thread....

@ZorokiHanuke said in It is time...:

Guess I have reached the culture thread....

No turning back now.

I was dying from laughter for several minutes straight reading these posts. This is the side of the community I love, the one that brings me joy and laughter

Just curious as im to poor to afford these but how do they look on the head of a raspy suit

@Tasty-Human-bits Just as 'good' as they do as a butt for it. Refer to a post or two above for examples...

alt text

I took a pic to show what I mean. The skin tone in no stretch of the imagination matches, even with the white skin makeup(which got it closer), however since it’s kind of an unnatural gray, it pairs exactly to the white of my outfits and in a way it removes some of the lewd. I also shrank them considerably. I still stand by that this accessory has limitless potential, for humor and practicality.

Oh, yeah that definitely is way more off than I thought it would be when you said it didn't quite match. Have you tried it with other outfits / in the salon with just innerwear? I wonder if it's possible that that outfit somehow just overrides the matched color for this accessory.


Unfortunately nothing changed with different clothes or swapping to inner armor in salon. It’s not as noticeable in lighting inside the ship and similar dull lighting but it’s strikingly gray in the shopping area and any other brighter lit areas. I got two of them to unlock for account, will report back once I try it on an alt with a different skin tone.

Edit : Ok with a lightly tanned character I can tell it’s trying to match the skin. It’s not gray but it’s still a good 2 shades lighter than her skin and it’s pinker than her peachy skin tone. It’s honestly an even worse match, it looks enough like skin that I can’t hide it with clothes, it just looks like it’s for the wrong body.

Playing around with skin tone, it matches exactly for medium-dark to dark skintones but it has problems for anything lighter than a deeper tan.

@Milk Those eyes are staring into my soul.

I dont actually own these to mess around with them but I heard using the body paint tan lines helps a little with skin color - and you can stack 2 of them. Other than that you may have to mess with custom lighting in premium screenshot mode


Well she is supposed to be creepy, haha I’ve had people come up and call the character a “creepy porcelain” doll.


Never thought of that, thanks for the tip! I’ll see what I can do.

I just saw the most outrageous use for these things yet, I actually applaud their creativity. They made a giant purple monster with multiples of them plastered on. Brought a tear to my eye.