How to play Lv80 above Extreme Hard Quest

Its says I need 2 conditions above lv 75 and possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit . I can do Super Hard but extreme hard is greyed out. It gives me error not all in your party members are above lv 75. but I am lv 80 and I am the only one.

You need both your main class (gold icon) and your sub-class (silver icon) to be 75. You can also choose to not have a sub-class at all to get past it. Choosing a Scion (IE: Hero) as your main class removes your sub-class option.

@coldreactive Thank You, my hunter subclass is at lv 70. Looks like I better grind it to lv 75 at minimum

keep in mind some extreme do require 80/80 so is better to raise your subclass to 80 to not have to worry with the requirements

@Jamesmor Thanks I had no idea about this, thought subclass only provided extra skill and stats. should have waited for Phantom instead of choosing hunter sub for my bouncer JetBoots. btw I've been putting points into my hunter subcalss based on my jetboots being my main. Should I continue that or change focus to being hunter my current main since I am leveling it. Doesn't seem like I have the points to do both skill trees. Ahh so that's where buying the extra skill tree comes in. Man they sure put in a lot of work on how to monetize this game. 1 ) play Extreme Hard need subclass to be lv 75 2 ) skill tree for a class as sub or main require different points put into them

@pkrisnin For strictly leveling purposes, you can just grab a multi-/all-class pair of Jet Boots, like the Sigma Thullen; no need to change your Hunter Tree or buy a new one.

@AndrlCh said in How to play Lv80 above Extreme Hard Quest:

Sigma Thullen

So I can play bouncer jetboots using Sigma Thullen and it lv up my hunter class too or did you mean play hunter with this jetboots ?

@pkrisnin You play Hunter with those Jet Boots. You lose out on some main class Bouncer skills while leveling like this, but it means you don't have to worry about spending on a second Hunter Tree or needing to reset things.

I'd recommend getting your 2 main classes to 85/85 otherwise just like the issue you're having now when UH releases you won't even be able to do expeditions.